What a surprise

A Melbourne priest, who was caught on camera screaming abuse at a group of young skateboarders, has been put on official leave by the Catholic Church after another video surfaced.

Another video? Story here.

What did the Monsignor have to say?

“If I could take it back I would, if I could walk around the city in sackcloth and ashes I would, but that’s not going to happen,” he said.

“I can only express from the depth of my heart [that] it’s out of character with me.

“But because of the situation I was in and the nature of the territory that’s there, it’s a sacred space, I just found it appalling that they had so little regard there and that reduced me to the level of all that rubbish that I said.

“I was shocked too when I saw the whole thing and I was shocked when it happened.

“When I was pushed to the limit something snapped inside me and I was out to say as much as possible to hurt and humiliate these, as you call them, thugs.”

Several news sources report that the priest apologized. New Victorian premier John Brumby is quoted as follows:

… Brumby said Monsignor Baron appreciated that what he said was inexcusable and that he had apologised.

“If you make a mistake in life, you can only express remorse and apologise for that mistake that you’ve made.

“He’s expressed remorse, he’s apologised unreservedly and I think in the circumstances that’s appropriate,” Mr Brumby said.


“I have the impression that that particular gang of skateboarders, they take a particular delight and joy in reducing people to grovelling measures as I was, that’s their goal, that’s their aim, so I don’t think I owe them an apology as such, I apologise to all who were scandalised by my behaviour.”

Grovelling? Like in to take pleasure in mean or base things?

The original video has been reposted here.

Edited to add video link.

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