Go Manish Vij!

Manish Vij of Ultrabrown is quoted in the New York Times article about Kwik-E-Mart:

“He is a very crude ethnic character, and while there are many other crude ethnic characters on the show,” said Mr. Vij, a Manhattan software entrepreneur, Apu is the only one with a stereotypical singsong accent, “like the accent that Chinese-Americans find so insulting.”

Of course, the writer also had to include a lot of stuff about the one guy who isn’t offended. Par for the course, I imagine. And what’s up with this line?

But, Mr. Chaudhari said, without a trace of Apu, “What are you going to do?”

Without a trace of Apu? Manish, get back to work. ;-)

4 thoughts on “Go Manish Vij!

  1. Hi Manish. I did think the writer did attempt to flesh out the store owner a little bit. However, I tend to think that the concentration in the mainstream media tends to be on The Person of Color Who’s Agreeing With the Mainstream Position. And that last little line is just a throw-away bit that rubs me the wrong way.

    Undoubtedly the mainstream press isn’t going to recognize that there are great differences of opinion between immigrants and their U.S.-born children that are directly related to their experience.

  2. Apu’s stereotype caricature emboldens racists. Think of all the South Asian kids in elementary/junior high in this country that are ridiculed because of Apu.

    There are few South Asian media figures, and such a well-known figure such as Apu perpetuates the ignorant stereotypes.

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