I just read another “reunited twin from China” story. And how did the adoptive parents discover that their child had a twin? Why, they posted pictures on the internet, of course.

If I had to post reasons Why I Hate Adoptive Parents,* I’m sure this twin fascination would make the list.

I also find it disturbing that adoptive parents so often seem to seek out publicity and post their children’s information and pictures on the internet. Undoubtedly there are parents of biological children who do the same. For an adoptive child, it seems especially objectifying. And it strikes me that unlike a biological child, the adopted child has a history that is separate from his or her eventual parents. Who should control that history? I think perhaps it should be the child.

Through this article, I also found out that there is a radio program called “China Girl.” “China Girl” is written by a woman who has adopted from China. It apparently has never crossed her mind that “China Girl” might not be a well-received descriptor for children adopted from China or her own daughter.

Add it to the list.


*perhaps to become a regular feature. Certainly there’s a lot of material available.


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