We’re in hell

“We’re in hell, and we want to get out of hell.”

That quote is attributed to the father of Andrew Speaker. After Speaker was urged not to fly by health officials, he jaunted off overseas for his wedding and honeymoon.

And both the parents and the in-laws have appeared on national television to defend his decision.

“We are not people of reckless behavior.” That’s what his mother says.

Ted Speaker makes a comment about a CDC official, “I knew his ethics were down in the dumps.”

So now these families are in hell? What about the people who were exposed to XDR-TB? People like Ludmela Urbanova and Eva Sustkova, who found out they were seated next to Speaker on the flight from Prague to Montreal:

The trouble that started on their flight to Montreal might follow the sisters back to the Czech Republic. Officials there have told them they’ll greet them at the airport and take them to a hospital for tests as soon as they arrive in Prague on their trip home.

“They are not from Prague, and if they do it (there), it will be another problem. That’s why I’m afraid,” Renyo said. Urbanova and Sustkova live more than 200 kilometres from the Czech capital.

It occurs to me that there’s a close relationship between the behavior of the privileged when accused of unethical behavior and when accused of racism. Deny. State that you are not that sort of person. Attack other people for their behavior. Make your outrage clear. Be unrepentant. Ignore the real effects of your actions. And then state how you have been made a victim: “We’re in hell.”



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