Who is this guy?


So the erroneously named “People against Censorship” staged a protest because CBS suspended two DJs for “ethnic and sexual slurs.” When you look at the protest pictures, it’s not a surprise that the majority of the people present are white males. There were a few exceptions in the group. The Asian-appearing guy is holding a sign that reads “A decade @ an urban radio station + marrying an Asian woman = racist? WHAT?!?”

The guy to his right is holding a sign that reads “Support free speech.”

Brothers, I hate to break it to you, but you really need a little more education.

1. You cannot defend racist actions based on your previous actions. Don Imus does charity work with black kids. So what? Does working in an “urban” environment qualify as anti-racism work?

2. Asian women are not by definition either proof of their spouse’s anti-racist attitudes, nor are they necessarily anti-racist themselves. Remember that oppression functions best when the oppressed buy into it as well. And the Asian wife is a “black friend defense.” That is, it’s not a defense at all.

3. “Free speech” has nothing to do with losing the ability to speak on the radio. Now if the gubbermint came and took these idiots off the air, that would be a violation of free speech rights.

I’m always demoralized to see folks so loudly proclaiming their internalization of racism. Because I think internalized racism is one of the biggest problems for people of color.

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