Friends in high places

How do you define privilege? In the most recent twists in the A.M.H. story, it’s the Baker’s lawyer, Larry Parrish, being long-time friends with Juvenile Court Judge Curtis Person. It’s the court-appointed guardian ad litem, Christine Stephens, being outgoing president of the Memphis Downtown Neighborhood Association, a bevy of potential contributors to electoral campaigns. (Parrish ran for state senator and lost.) The court psychologist, Catherine Collins, was recently employed by the Exchange Club Family Center. In 2001, Louise Baker called this place, as mentioned in Judge Childer’s overturned ruling:

Immediately after January 28, 2001, in furtherance of the necessity to arrange future visitations at a site other than the Bakers’ home, Mrs. Baker telephoned the Exchange Club Family Center to inquire about its ability to provide visitation services and facilities for any future visits with AMH by the Hes.

What’s going on here?

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