So apparently, creating a connection between a transracially adopted child (aka TRA) and their culture of birth is “force-feeding”; transmitting one’s own culture is NOT imposing that culture on a child adopted from a different one; and biculturalism is neither good for children (it disrupts personal identity) nor indeed possible (apparently there is a “major” culture and all others are “minor”), and in point of fact, there aren’t many bicultural people today (in America at any rate).

(And of course, the BTDT TRA has no idea what she is talking about. Again, ‘apparently’.)

2 thoughts on “Apparently…

  1. Thanks for this and the following couple of posts. I ran out of time and energy, not to mention patience with this one.

    “I’m just an American with an opinion. I have ancestors, relatives, friends, and neighbors who are also Americans. We share a common culture with unique characteristics that I want to see preserved, not diluted or fogotten. So I want immigrants – and all Americans – to embrace our culture at its best. You don’t agree?”

    This is a quote from a comment left by the same person who expressed the sentiments in your post. Doesn’t that say a whole lot about what his whole argument was about? Define “American”. Who’s America? Dilute? Our culture?

    Can we say “ethnocentric, cultural superiority complex”? Throw some white privilege in there and …whoa

  2. Yeah, his whole arguement was about White Westen Christian culture trumps all… Privilege and arrogance all rolled into one neat tidy package.

    Well, I’m just an “american” too… but my culture and most of my people have not only been “diluted” but pretty much wiped out by the immigrant European Christian culture that took over “american”. But I am supposed to “turn the other check”, assimilate (we are the Borg, resistance is futile) “get over it”. Uh huh… oh yeah.

    Sume, I thought you showed amazing restraint. :-)


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