“I just showed up”

In a recent Business Week article, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas talks about his years at Holy Cross. At that time, the Rev. John E. Brooks was making a special attempt to recruit and retain African American students. Was Thomas’ attendance a result of this recruitment? No, according to Thomas:

Father Brooks made a point of trying to recruit a lot more African Americans to campus in the months before you came. Do you think that recruitment drive helped you?

Oh no. I was going to go home to Savannah when a nun suggested Holy Cross. That’s how I wound up there. Your industry has suggested that we were all recruited. That’s a lie. Really, it’s a lie. I don’t mean a mistake. It’s a lie.

He says, “I just showed up,” twice during the interview.

Thomas appears to be proud of his anti-affirmative-action stance. According to the Huffington Post:

“Mine happen to be all white males,” Thomas said of his current crop of clerks. “I don’t have quotas.”

I could be wrong, but I believe Thomas has had just one African American clerk in his tenure.

What the heck is the Huffington Post, anyway? I note that the writer talks about the current 57 clerks, and I thought each justice only selects 4 and the Chief Justice can have 5.

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